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is the studyof how our environment
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value of nutrients

medicineacknowledges that every person
is uniquely different to the next

Testingprovides a biochemical
snap shot of your body.

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Calcium Supplements – You’re barking up the Wrong Tree


It's not uncommon for people to be supplementing with large doses of calcium, based on seemingly low calcium levels in blood work.  

But what does low Calcium really mean?


Pathology testing can reveal quite a lot of information about a person’s...

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Recommended TSH levels by most labs are quite misleading. They advise that levels between 0.5-4.0mIU/L are considered acceptable.  Research shows that TSH levels greater than 2.5mIU/L are predictive of evolution to hypothyroidism, and an increase in TPO (thyroperoxidase) antibodies.  We need a re-evaluation of the TSH reference range, and need to encourage our health care providers to interpret the results properly.

Generally, most people reach for the iodine as soon as they get a hypothyroid diagnosis, but this can have nasty effects.  Taking iodine has been seen to increase TSH and TPO levels.  A 2003 study REMOVED iodine supplementation in hypothyroid patients and found that 78.3% of the sample regained normal thyroid function.
It’s always best to test when dealing with thyroid issues to avoid making symptoms worse.