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A unique protein supplement was just released which is specifically designed for pregnant and breast feeding mums who have trouble achieving good nutrition, or who need a hand maintaining their health.

The only one of its kind. I was lucky enough to be involved in formulating the recipe.

100% pregnancy safe, it tastes great, and is loaded with B vitamins, folate, selenium, zinc and Omega 3.

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Shake-pic2-300x298Little Healthy Life….


Women’s nutritional needs increase during pregnancy and lactation. Little Healthy Life Pregnancy and Breastfeeding High Nutrition Protein Powder is a nutrient balanced supplement, carefully formulated in association with nutritionists, to help mothers meet dietary needs during this very special time.

Featuring a unique combination of omega 3, B vitamins, folate, rice and pea proteins and sunflower, pumpkin, buckwheat and chai seeds, the powder is deliciously flavoured with vanilla bean and stevia.

The perfect snack when taken in conjunction with a balanced diet, Little Healthy Life Pregnancy and Breastfeeding High Nutrition Protein Powder will give you much needed additional energy and assist with maintaining a healthy weight.

“The main reason this was made is to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. And stop you from getting so hungry that you eat everything you see. Have something good instead! I found it also helped with my breast milk production.” Lena – Little Healthy Life.


Q: Does this have the synthesised folate that causes cancer?
A: Folate is naturally occurring in foods and is 100% safe. Folic acid is the synthesized form which can have ill effects. This is made from all natural foods with no added synthetics ingredients.

Q: Would you recommend this in place of a pregnancy supplement?
A: This is a dietary supplement for mums and mums-to-be who have trouble getting good nutrition in, or who need a hand maintaining their health. Pregnancy supplements contain higher amounts of folate, iodine and other nutrients that are necessary to make healthy babies, so they are definitely still necessary.