Testingprovides a biochemical
snap shot of your body.

is the studyof how our environment
effects our genes.

Medicinestudies the therapeutic
value of nutrients

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“Your perspective
is always limited... by how much you know.
Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.” - Bruce Lipton

medicineacknowledges that every person
is uniquely different to the next

Biochemical snapshot

Functional Testing

The type of testing you’re probably familiar with is general pathology testing which your doctor does. This type of testing is quite valuable, as it provides a specific value and a reference range that you should ideally be between. Quite often this reference range will provide a yes or no answer.

If you are outside of that range, yes there is a something wrong; if you’re not, everything is fine.

Things are not so black and white though. Taking note of the highs and lows, and how one value relates to another, can provide detailed insight into your health, which is often overlooked.

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